BKS Logistics Home Pricing Structure

What makes BKS different from most logistic warehouses?

BKS do NOT charge a weekly/monthly storage charge

How do BKS charge for their services?

BKS charge a percentage of the value of the goods (your sales invoice value)

What percentage do you charge?

This varies depending upon the goods stored, but is usually approx 6%

When is this charge invoiced?

There are no charges until you have sold the goods and we have dispatched them from our warehouse

How does this benefit our customers?

Our fixed percentage charge allows the customer to know exactly how much to allow in the pricing of their products to cover warehousing costs

If the customer has a ‘slow moving’ line they are not losing all their profit to storage charges.

Increase in cashflow as we do not invoice for storage until after dispatch

What does the ‘all inclusive’ charge include?

Receipt including unloading of containers, storage, order pick & pack and dispatch of goods.  An annual stock check is also included.


What is not included?

Carriage.  However we are able to offer very competitive delivery rates